The Atlantic Benefit Card ®: Benefit Card Testimonials

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The Atlantic Benefit Card is a tremendous service to offer. I was competing with another broker for a group of 160 employees. This group did not offer dental and vision benefits. I gave them the Atlantic Benefit Card with discounts on dental and vision and had a signed BOR in one week.

– Mike, Rhode Island

Telling my groups that their benefits cost are going to increase is not a great feeling. The Atlantic Benefit Card eases the renewal pain and has increased my retention.

– Bob, Pennsylvania

Last year, the card helped me replace another brokers' business with a BOR letter. Once this broker realized I offered the Atlantic Benefit Card to help with the burden of discount dental expenses, he called the Atlantic Benefit Card. They said, "sorry, but Jerry has the exclusive territory there." They really do protect your territory.

– Jerry, New Jersey

My direct sales increased 25% over the last year. I know the Atlantic Benefit Card had a lot to do with that.

– Kevin, Delaware

When I was deciding whether or not to offer the card, I called a few of my groups and asked them what they thought. I was amazed at how many of them loved the idea of a discount card that would help make Dental and Vision services more affordable for their employees. The discount Legal and all the other benefits were just icing on the cake. The card proved to be a great way to get my groups excited to have me as their broker.

– Steve, Pennsylvania

During my first week of offering the Pacific Benefit Card to prospective clients I closed a construction company and obtained a BOR on an eleven person group. This discount card is great.

– Kevin, California