The Atlantic Benefit Card ®: discount hearing aids

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Only $9.95 per month
Individual or Family
$10 application fee applies

Beltone Invisa Save 15%
Normally: $1,500 - $3,300 – You Pay: $1,275 - $2,805
Beltone Invisa Save 15%
Normally: $750.00 – You Pay: $637.50
Beltone Petite Plus Save 15%
Normally: $850.00 – You Pay: $722.50
The Atlantic Benefit Card hearing program includes free hearing screening and savings of 15% to 58% on all digital hearing aids at locations nationwide. Members also have access to discounts on a complete line of hearing equipment.

Hearing Aids

Want to save big on hearing aids? We hear you! You’ll get a free initial screening and save 35% off the suggested retail price (MSRP) at retail locations nationwide.

  • Two-year supply of hearing aid batteries and two-year warranty, with a one-time replacement for loss or damage*
  • Unlimited follow-up care for cleaning and checkups with purchase
  • 100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee during the first 60 days
  • Patient financing options

*Members must pay for all repairs not included in the warranty.
Discounts cannot be combined with any other promotional offer, discount, rebate, health insurance benefit or value-added discount plan.
Unlimited follow up visits will be provided at no cost to the member; however, any costs for repairs no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty will be at the expense of the member.