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Only $9.95 per month
Individual or Family
$10 application fee applies


My wife and I went to the dentist last week. We both had cleanings and exams. I had an X-ray the total bill was $260.00 when I showed the Atlantic Benefit Card, she looked at a rate sheet from Aetna and she lowered our bill to $180.00. We saved $80.00! Thank you it was well worth the annual cost.

– Mike D

We all went to the Eye Doctor. My wife, myself and our two children all had exams and updated our eyewear. What a savings over $135.00

– Robert

I already have a dental plan with my employer but when my husband went to have a tooth extracted, the Atlantic Benefit Card price was $30.00 less than our company paid Dental Plan. Great plan I'm glad I told my husband to bring the card.

– Barbara

One of my employees used the card last week for a routine dental cleaning followed by a filling and actually saved almost $90! The girl at the dental office told him that it saves people more money than most corporate dental plans. It feels good to provide my employees with a product that actually works with no strings attached... just show the card and see the savings.

– Mark McGowan
Preferred Network Solutions, LLC